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Xinovrisi - Pelion
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The restaurant

Xinovrisi is one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages of Mount Pelion, with great scenery and views towards the Aegean Sea. At the square of the village, one can find Taverna Leonidas that is situated beneath the old plane trees and offers a wide variety of flavors coming from the Greek and Pelion cuisine for you to try, during your holidays in Pelion.

You will taste well cooked meals, prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients from local producers, and cooked with skill and passion. The traditional recipes and production methods transferred through generations, create unique flavors found only in Pelion, as many of the spices and ingredients are encountered only in this specific part of Greece.

You should also try the wide variety of meats, as well as the grilled food we offer. We our known for our 'suvlaki', 'kokoretsi' and 'kontosuvli', while the lamb is also one of our specialities. You can accompany your meal with a good wine provided from the local producers or the 'tsipuro' that fits well with every type of meal.

During the summer months, sitting under the plane trees you can enjoy the shadow and the fresh air, while during winter you can transfer at the indoor part of the Taverna and eat a delicious food with some wine and a good company. The Taverna Leonidas is characterized by a friendly atmosphere and a familiar environment that is especially pleasant for children of all ages.

Any time, come by Xinovrisi either as a visitor or because it is your chosen place to stay during your vacations. Come by our Taverna to offer you the best food and make you travel within the flavors of Pelion.